Tension in Tatale NPP as youth warn Bawumia

Political crisis has erupted within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Tatale- Sanguli constituency in the Northern region following the dismissal of the party’s constituency chairman, Kwasi Mpoah.

Mr. Mpoah’s sacking has led to serious rebellion in the party among the Basaare and the Konkomba tribes after its constituency secretary, Sandol Peter was quoted to have said that all Baasare in the NPP had been expelled.

Bugri Naabu, the party’s regional chairman in the region last month fired Mr. Mpoah over alleged gross misconduct. Mr. Naabu told Starr News earlier that the party was forced to arrive at the decision after several talks to get Mr. Mpoah to conduct himself appropriately, but failed.

Several talks and engagements to subsequently reinstate the sacked chairman failed including a meeting supervised by three constituency chairmen on Monday.

The development has sparked tension between the two tribes in the area as the Basaares are accusing the regional chairman of tribalism and nepotism. Some angry Basaare youth, according to Starr News sources, went on rampage Tuesday and threatened to burn the party vehicle.

One of the youth who spoke to Starr News said they will attack and assault the regional chairman any time he steps foot into the constituency.

“If the regional chairman alone steps here it is going to be a commotion…We are going to beat him. Even the party van when they brought it they should have showed it to the chairman but they sent it to the PC, we don’t have any problem but when they park it at any vice chair house we will not agree. We are going to burn the car,” the youth said on condition of anonymity.

They have also served warning to the party’s vice presidential candidate Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to stay away from a planned rally in the constituency on Friday if they fail to restore Mr. Mpoah.

“The regional chairman is trying to bring divisions in the party. We will not allow him because we see the reason for the suspension and if they didn’t come fast as possible to reinstate the chairman, we are losing the seat and Dr. Bawumia would not come here to do campaign” said the angry youth.


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