Tema Motorway turns deathtrap claiming one life everyday

8th September 2023

The once envious Tema Motorway, linking the country to Togo, Benin, Nigeria and others, has become a deathtrap, with travelers reportedly losing their lives daily.

Last week, a fatal crash on the Accra-Tema motorway, left one person dead and another severely injured.

According to an eyewitness, a Tema-bound fuel tanker skidded off the road and collided with one of the obsolete tollbooths at the Accra end.

Interestingly, the boisterous Minister of Roads and Highways, Akwasi Amoako-Atta, is yet to make a comment on the deplorable state of the international route.

In a growing chorus of concern and frustration, motorists are calling on the government to take immediate action to address the perilous conditions of the Tema Motorway.

The Tema Motorway which is a vital transportation route connecting the country’s capital, Accra, to the port city of Tema, has become a source of anxiety for commuters and residents alike due to its deteriorating state.

The Motorway, which is also a critical link for trade and commerce in Ghana, has been plagued by potholes, poor road markings, and inadequate lighting, creating a hazardous environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

Recent accidents and fatalities on the motorway have amplified the urgency of the situation, prompting citizens to voice their concerns.

Many Ghanaians, have taken to social media platform X formerly Twitter, to share harrowing stories of their experiences on the Tema Motorway, emphasizing the need for immediate repairs and safety enhancements.

Concerns, have also been raised about the impact of the motorway’s condition on economic activities, as it serves as a vital route for transporting goods to and from the port.

The road is riddled with potholes, which have evolved into death traps and caused several accidents.

Some Ghanaians have already taken to social media to demand that the government fix the Tema motorway.

The hashtags #FixTheMotorway and #FixTheTemaMotorway have been trending on Twitter, and many people have shared their experiences on the dangerous road.

One Twitter user wrote, “I swerved to avoid a pothole on the Tema Motorway and lost control of my car. I’m lucky to be alive.”

Another user said, “My car broke down on the Tema Motorway because of a pothole. I had to wait hours for a tow truck.”

Iconic Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie who grew up in Tema, has also joined the campaign to put pressure on the government to fix the Tema Motorway. He tweeted, “About time #FixTheTemaMotorway.”

The ‘Adonai’ rapper was reacting to a post by an account that goes by the name “Ghana Mu Nsem” – calling on him to add his voice to the ‘Fixthemotorway’ campaign to prompt the government to come to their aid.

People who rushed to the scene of the fatal crash at the tollbooth on hearing the sound of the impact said the driver of the truck, who suffered injuries, has been taken to the hospital, but the mate died on the spot.

Citi News reported police and Fire Service personnel are at the crash scene, maintaining order on the road.

The mangled truck has been towed.

Narrating the incident to Citi News, one of the eyewitnesses said, “We heard a noise around 5 am, when we came out, we saw a truck carrying some chemicals to Tema. The driver sustained serious injuries. We managed to move him out and he was taken to the hospital.

“The mate was trapped and dead in the truck. We had to call the Fire Service to come and cut the parts of the truck. It seems he went out of his lane and hit the toll booth. Maybe he was sleeping, if not this wouldn’t have happened.”

Another also said, “The driver was speeding. So we are pleading. The toll that was closed never favoured Ghanaians. Compare when the toll booth was in operation and now that it has been closed, and compare the accidents that have been recorded. The accidents have become rampant. So the government should do something about it.

“The closed toll booth never favoured us. If they are going to reopen it, they should make it efficient, because the place is closed, drivers go full speed, but if it’s in operation, they will kill their speed before they reach the payment point.”

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