Teacher Trainees Display Their Feeding Grant Cheques with Joy

The Government of Ghana has finally fulfilled its promise to the 38 assisted Government teacher trainees in the country by paying out their feeding grant to the colleges through the GetFund.
Some Students of the Presbyterian College of Education could not hide their joy after receiving the cheques.They decided to display it in a photograph.

Students of the Colleges of Education who were after so many months ,not paid their feeding grant arrears showed their displeasure in the media through their Association,Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana,National Union of Ghana Students and the Teacher Unions , until Government Released GHC 62.7m Feeding Grant Arrears to be paid to Colleges of Education.

Later in April,Government released Two Semesters’ Cheque for Payment of Feeding Fee Arrears to Colleges of Education .
The Money involved is actually for only Two Semesters .
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