Taxes, levies force 2-day organised labour demo

Organised Labour after a meeting today has resolved to embark on a two-day nationwide demonstration next week due to increases in petroleum and utility tariffs and the newly introduced taxes.

At a meeting today, the unions outlined a series of programmes to compel government to address their demands.

The Public Regulatory Commission (PURC) in December 2015, increased electricity and water tariffs by 59.2 percent and 67.2 percent respectively.

The 18 to 27 % increase in petroleum products has also incensed most of the public sector unions who believe they are being overburdened.

A meeting two days ago between the unions and government hit a deadlock after government refused to heed to their demands.

The demonstrations will take place on 19th and 20th January 2016 in all regional capitals.

“Red bands to be worn and displayed at workplaces from Thursday, 14th January, 2016”, a statement said.

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