Tariff negotiations: TUC vows to push for better deal with gov’t

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) says it is not happy with the outcome of negotiations with government that only met one of their demands, the reduction in electricity tariffs.

The TUC says it will vigorously pursue a deal to get government to scrap the Energy Sector Levy and decrease water tariffs – demands government is unwilling to grant.

Government and Organised Labour reached a deal on Wednesday for a reduction in electricity tariffs following recent hikes.

Electricity tariff has been reduced by 15%, a slash from 59% to 45%.

It will apply only to consumers using 50kwh or less, also termed lifeline consumers.

For consumers using 51-300 units, they will be paying 50%.

The reduction takes effect from February 1, according to the agreement.

Labour had also come to the table with a demand for some 28% Energy Sector Levy to be scrapped as well as a reduction in water tariff from 67.2% to 50%, however, these were left untouched.

“We are not happy because we have not finished he whole process of the negotiations. What we have discussed is the PURC levels of increase. We are going to engage government strongly on the [energy] levy,” TUC General Secretary, Kofi Asamoah said.

Labour has been agitating against hikes in water and electricity tariffs and a new energy levy charged on the utilities.

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