A think tank, Strategic Thinkers Network (STRANEK) has monitored the trending issues so far as the “Muntie 3” is concerned and the different reactions that has come with it. For that matter, STRANEK has decided to objectively join in the discussion as a think tank where policy advocacy is one of her hallmark.

Many citizens of Ghana have signed the petition on the ‘Muntie 3” asking His Excellency the President to invoke article 72 of the 1992 Constitution including government appointees. STRANEK views from the angle of government appointees signing and one can only be a government appointee if one is citizen of Ghana.

We also view from the tangent where government appointees sign not as members of a political party per se but as citizens of Ghana. On that note, does uniqueness really matter when one is an appointee and hence acts in a certain way as a citizen of Ghana? So far as an activity is lawful, in our opinion, the onus lies on a citizen of Ghana to tarry on. It is for that reason we see the actions of government appointees, not in the locus of their positions but as citizens of Ghana.

What do we say to Parliamentarians who perform other functions such as legal representation in court as lawyers among others? Could that be seen as outsiders looking in, when they are actually part of the arms of government?
Thus rebuking government appointees who have signed the petition on “Muntie 3” is needless and pointless.

STRANEK further opines that the President should not disregard any calls to pardon the “Muntie 3” as the sentencing, in our opinion, was harsh even though the comments from the “Muntie 3” were distasteful. Hence, a review of the sentence or pardon will not be out of order as this situation really and truly deserves it. Actions from that tangent will not be an attack on the constitutional concept of separation of powers but in the interest of a broader section of Ghanaians per the number of petitioners seen so far. This discretionary powers in the long run will then not be bias nullifying the notion of constitutional crisis.

The constitution, per the research undertaken by STRANEK will not lose its respect for administration of justice if the President acts on the appeal of the majority so far as the “Muntie 3” is concerned. Thus, we sincerely do not affirm that, support by government appointees in the form of exercising their right as citizens of Ghana deserves a rebuke as Occupy Ghana and other individuals are doing and any action from that parameter will simply not be an interference of the decision of the Supreme Court.

With reference to “Muntie 3” and other cases concerning contempt, we take this opportunity to also call for an amendment of custodian sentences on contempt cases. We fervently hope this call will be given much attention.

We are all involved in building our motherland.

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