Stop being Lawless in Enforcing the Law- YoHRA to Anti-Galamsey Task Force

Youth For Human Rights Africa has called on the special anti-galamsey task force to work within the laws.

The call has come Following media reports of military brutality of some suspected illegal miners leading to burning of some galmsey equipments and assault of some some suspects.

Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu a renowned Human Rights and Public Interest Lawyer and the President of *YoHRA* made the call on the YoHRA online platform after sharing a live video in which an eye witness narrated some brutalities suffered in the hands of Millitary men carrying out the operation.

Lawyer Sosu asked the military to enforce the laws within the law.

In his post he said “Whilst I fully support the anti-galamsey campaign, I believe the said campaign must be done in accordance with law.”

He argued that all suspects remain suspects and must be subject to fair trial as prescribed by Article 19 of the 1992 Constitution. They have right to counsel, right to be heard in a court of competent jurisdiction, right to personal dignity and above all right to life.

Lawyer Sosu, who is currently at New York on an International Human Rights Conference also vowed to use all available opportunities to ensure that the task force operates within acceptable limits within a free and democratic society like Ghana. He reminded the State that it has duty under Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples right to protect life and property and guarantee the right to fair trial. He calls on the Ministry of defense and all collaborative agencies to ensure that further operations of the task force will not result in loss of Life and property.

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