The NPP unreservedly condemns all acts of excessive force by the Ghana Police Service as witnessed during the peaceful march organized by the LMVC, AFAG and MFC to advocate for the compilation of a new voters register as the integrity of the old one has been called to question.

The incidence which resulted in an assault causing severe physical injuries to several participants as whips, rubber bullets,water cannons and tear gas were unleashed on the protestors to cause grievous body harm and discomforft were uncalled for and extremely unfortunate. It cast a doubt on our pride as a truly democratic nation and a beacon of hope within the sub-region.

The work of the Ghana Police Service is achieved as a collaborative effort through an effective partnership with the citizens of the country. When this partnership with citizens are called into question by acts of excessive force on the part of the enforcers of the law, such as we witnessed during the march, when unarmed peaceful protestors were physically assaulted resulting in severe injuries; it is seen as a symptom of an ailing system championed by a failing government who seek to curtail the right of its citizens to exercise their constitutionally mandated rights. The laws of the land are therefore left at the mercy of interpretation by enforcers at the risk of the lives of innocent citizens who are only seeking their rights in a peaceful protest.

The Ghana Police Service must show fidelity to the state rather than the ruling government, and also, be professional in their conduct in order to protect life and property of all our citizens, instead of the arbitrary application of its powers. We expect that at all material times, the state security agencies, will discharge their duties in fairness and accordance to the supreme laws of our land.

We therefore call on the hierarchy of the Ghana Police Service to expressly look into this matter with all the seriousness that it deserves and ensure that those officers who perpetrated this act are brought to book, in order to avert such occurrence in the future.

We empathize with all who have been injured during this protest march and hope for their speedy recovery.

Kwabena Agyei Agyepong
General Secretary, NPP

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