Stan Dogbey commended PPP Communicator for apologizing After Threatening To Kill Judges

Stan Dogbey .. writes on facebook.
Funny isn’t it?
Noticed how some folks were running over themselves over some statements a PPP gentleman was supposed to have made. Interestingly, their focus was on a Montie FM station and the NDC, more than the person they were accusing.

I woke up this morning to a statement from the said gentleman, apologising to those who were offended by his contribution to the radio programme, while disputing what he said were distortions to what he actually said. I congratulate the gentleman for his public expression of apology once some sections of the public found his pronouncements, or parts of it, unacceptable.

Important for me though, is the fact that many of those who were jumping over themselves and expressing their displeasure and going further to align the comment to the radio station and the NDC, and President John Mahama, were the very people who were stuck silent when the President was called am armed robber.

Indeed, some of them who argued against and chastised persons calling for an apology from the gentleman who so described the President in such terms, are today calling for the arrest of another. Recently, an MP made the most despicable of statements should his party not win the election, and went further to display his personal and party’s avowed hatred for one person, the EC Chair, and all these groups remained silent.

Now, the PPP gentleman has risen above the mundane, he has displayed great nationalistic traits by apologising to those who felt offended even though he has issues with the interpretation given to his statements… what becomes of the ‘armed robber’ claimant, and the male chauvinist?

Lovely weekend.

What do you think?

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