Stan Dogbe calls out Passion Air for poor services, disregard for passengers

An aide to the former President of Ghana Stan Dogbe has complained about his bad experience with Passion Air.

He has complained about the fact that some of the air conditioners in the flight do not work.

He says although he has had cause to complain about it on several occasions, nothing has been done about it.

He recalls even asking a member of the cabin crew the cause of the heat and why their air-condition wasn’t working but the cabin crew member gave him a laminated leaflet to fan himself.

Stan Dogbe believes that the company needs to respect its clients but fixing the challenge or taking out the various aircraft with similar problems.
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Good afternoon Board and Management of PassionAir. You will do your airline a lot of good, and demonstrate that you do have some consideration for the passengers who fly with you, if you take out of operation your aircrafts that have faulty cabin cooling systems.

How do you fly passengers on a 30 or 70mins flight in a ‘hot’ cabin… and you will not even pretend by asking your cockpit crew or the flight attendants to apologise to them? The last time I called an inflight attendant to ask what the problem was, he took out a copy of the laminated safety card and said I could use that to fan myself.

Ridiculous isn’t it? I am flying (now) on your 4.10pm delayed flight to Kumasi, and we are still in the heat!! You may not care about your staff sitting in the heat, but please have some care for your passengers. They are the ones keeping you on business.

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