Spio must resign over tariff hikes comment – Ephson

Pollster Ben Ephson has challenged Trades minister Spio Gabrah to resign from government if he is uncomfortable with the recent hikes in utility tariffs.

According to him, it is inappropriate for the former communications minister to openly criticise the decision when he is a cabinet minister and was part of the decision making.

Dr. Spio Gabrah in reaction to the recent hikes in electricity and water bills told the media it is outrageous to increase tariffs by over 50% at a go.

“First month in an election year and you wonder if utility rates have to go up by 150 per cent. Why didn’t it go up by 20 per cent two, three years ago, 30 per cent last year and maybe 40 per cent this year to more or less achieve the same objective?

“Why have some of these institutions waited till election year and all of a sudden you hear incredibly outrageous rates…all the way to ordinary water that human beings drink.

“Are they trying to raise revenue for a particular purpose? What is the objective,” he fumed.

Reacting to the comments, the managing editor of the Daily Dispatch newspaper urged the former education minister to quit his position if the increase is at variance with his principles.

“I’m wondering why he hasn’t tendered his resignation letter yet, if I were Spio I would have resigned by now, he should resign…you can’t eat your cake and have it”.

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