For the spirit of democracy to be strengthened, core values of democracy such as probity, accountability, good governance, honesty, strict adherence to moral and ethical code, uprightness, rectitude, wholeness, purity, sincerity, virtue and decency of the political fabric must be protected against the spoils of the system and its failure. The recent assembly election held in South Tongu is an insult to democracy and a gory political and economic disaster on development. Monetization must exorcised with its ghost of corruption from our systems.

As a way of securing our democratic foundation for growth, checks and strict policing of institutions must be employed at all levels of our democratic dispensations. It is in the light of this that H.E. President Akuffo Addo appointed Hon. Agama to represent him at the South District in the Volta but not approved because there are certain political actors who wants favours but were turn down by Mr. Agama. This is the man South Tongu needs at this juncture to clear herself of all acts of corrupt practices.

Per YODECOD’s findings, the assembly under the past leadership could not answer the Auditor-General’s letters about issues relating to misappropriation of funds, embezzlement of funds, unaccounted revenue, wrongful payments, diversion of monies into private accounts, store irregularities and misapplication of funds. The situation is really disturbing across the length and breadth of the country but South Tongu seem to be the “USAIN BOLT” in this financial malfeasance marathon. She and other colleagues in Volta region have won the race in a “shameful glory” that gives so many of their indigents low moral standing.

The current situation of stealing and siphoning of funds from public accounts is bizarre one that must curtailed and people involved made to face the full muscle of the law. The state institution responsible for correcting this act of thievery must from a hindsight deploy tools and bring perpetrators to book and sanitize our society and we also believe that the president, H.E. Nana Akuffo Addo frowns on corrupt practices as can be trace in his recent speeches condemning acts of corruption in the political landscape. It is in the spirit of probity, accountability, good ethical code, good governance and positive development that have we are putting this before H.E. the president.

Indeed, it was a pure display of the weaknesses in the democratic system where money has been used to influence decision to the detriment of the majority. We cannot wait for the government of H.E the president to pass the new legislation for MMDCEs to be elected through the universal adult suffrage. Again it was clean absurdity of pure state of mind, an embarrassment to the intelligence of the democratic system. How few men can represents the will of the masses? It is a tragedy that has befall us and we must not remain here. We cannot continue to worship at the altar of impunity.

The long health of this country requires that we free our minds from inferiority complex imposed on us by the struggle of ethnic dominance and the quest for ethnic superiority. We must exorcised the ghost of inferiority and recognize that we are not the children of a lesser god. This is supposed to be the land of the upright people who still have in their history museum, the struggle for the unity, progress and liberation, through the democratic structures as fought for by our founding Fathers.


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