Something is wrong with Prof. Martey – George Loh

Member of Parliament for North Dayi in the Volta Region, George Loh, says there is something wrong with Reverend Professor Henry Martey and that there is the need to examine him properly.

The Vice Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs comments come in the wake of the outgoing Moderator’s declaration that some elements in the governing NDC tried to induce with $100,000, an SUV vehicle and a mansion at Trassaco.

Speaking on Atinka AM Drive Wednesday, Mr Loh said ever since the former Presby Moderator made the popular “Anyansafor eeii mo wor he”, he sensed that there was “something wrong with the Most Rev and we have to take a second look at him.”

He further said it pulls the strings of his heart to have heard a man of no mean repute like Most Rev Professor Martey make such an unfortunate comments.

He added that the Moderator is at the verge of damaging the reputation of the Presbyterian Church .

The astute lawyer added that statements by a well-respected pastor like Prof Martey must edify and bring comfort to people but not to bring panic and the kind of tension this comment has generated.

“I have met other Moderators who are well behaved, so I didn’t expect such comments from Prof Martey. When other Moderators speak, there is peace and harmony in homes, and the nation at large. This country is a home to all of us so we would expect that like in other places if you are critical, there is a way you go about it so that mud is not thrown at you. We have had enough of some pastors destroying the social fibre of this country,” the legislator opined.

Story By: Paul Norsah.

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