Some NPP Candidates are Vying for a Position they don’t even understand its Functions

National Youth Organizer Position is not the same as that of National Organizer.

The actual *Ground Workers* or *Field Operators* of the Party are the:
1. Polling Station Executives
2. Electoral Coordinators

These Ground Executives or Field Operators are responsible for the grassroots organizations, policing the Ballot Box, door-to-door campaigns, High Voter participation at every elections and ensure total vigilance at Polling Station during counting of votes.

The Chief Field Operator or Chief Ground Worker to coordinate all these activities is the *National Organizer* of the Party and not the National Youth Organizer.

The National Organizer concurrently operate together with the Director of Operations.

The National Organizer coordinates the activities of the National Youth Organizer, National Women Organizer and National Nasara Coordinator.

The National Youth Organizer focuses on the Youth Wing of the Party and NOT the Ground organizations of the Party.

The National Youth Organizer focuses on championing youth policies and programmes using excellent communication skills and persuasive force to wins the hearts and minds of the Youth Population.

A visionary National Youth Organizer should be able to set up Committees, Departments, Identifiable Groups and Operational Movement to reach out to all the Youth Population of the Country. Making the Party attractive for the Youth to join is the key task of the National Youth Organizer. Mobilizing and consolidating the Youth front for electoral victory is the main target of the National Youth Organizer.

The National Youth Organizer is not limited to only the Ground, higher in the sky or the media. It is about *VISIBILITY PRINCIPLE*. If you are not known or visible to Ghanaians then I think you have no business leading the Youth Wing of the Party.

In 2016, when it matters most Sammy Awuku held a press conference using a super authoritative and commanding ommunications skills to silenced the NDC and as well as put pressure on the EC to do things right. This move by Sammy Awuku did not happened at the ground. It took place through media engagement with a charismatic voice.

In the 21st Century if you are not a media friendly person then you should forget leading the Youth Wing of any Political Party.

NPP needs a National Youth Organizer who is very visible and can easily be identified by the population. The Party does not need a National Youth Organizer who is not visible.

The National Youth Organizer does not have the mandate to create jobs for people so I think candidates should limit their vision and promises.

A decision not to accept a Position in the Government is not a guaranteed visa for the National Youth Organizer Position.

A decision to accept to be part of the Government shouldn’t also be used as basis to become the National Youth Organizer.

For now the race seems to be strictly between *Nana B* and *Kamal-Deen* in accordance with the Visibility Principle.

These two candidates are more visible to Ghanaians and the media relates very well with them as well.

However, using the *Ground Model*, Dominic Eduah will be a very good candidate for the position of a *Deputy National Organizer* or *Director of Operations* to assist the National Organizer in the ground activities of the Party.

I wish all Candidates at the Youth Wing very best of luck.

Razak Kojo Opoku
(CVM Founder & President)

What do you think?


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