Some Ghanaian pastors smo**ke wee***d and booze – Prophet Amponsah


Controversial man of God and Founder and Leader of Hope Generation International Ministries, Prophet Eric Owusu Amponsah affectionately ‘computer man, is alleging that some religious leaders in Ghana have gained notoriety in smoking weed and drinking alcohol.

He believes the consumption of these hard drugs, informs the weird behavior of some pastors in recent times which has become a source of embarrassment to the upright ones who are committed to pursue the calling of Jesus Christ.

On Koforidua-based Bryte Fm, he bemoaned the worrying trend and warned such pastors to either reform from their evil ways or incur the wrath of God.

“Some pastors are known for taking alcohol laced “wee” in their offices and cars before standing in front of their congregation to preach” He alleged.

According to him, pastors under the influence of these substances become illusionists giving false prophecies to the unsuspecting congregants who have overly become gullible.

He has therefore cautioned Christians especially women not to allow themselves to be deceived by such self-acclaimed pastors who are just on a mission to gain wealth.

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