Sokoohemaa celebrates first anniversary on Rainbow Radio

“…Person wey hustle, suppose to chop,

suppose to club, suppose to chill…

Person wey work suppose to dance,

Suppose to rock, suppose to fleeeeex,

But don’t you forget say eno bi my might;

Always be thankful ooo, Oluwa NaGode oooo…

…Even if you no get ooo, no get ooo,

Never forget to say, Baba I thank you;

Oluwa NaGode ooooo…

And even if you too get ooo, too get ooo;

Never forget to say, Baba I thank you oo;

Oluwa NaGode ooooo…”

She’s very outspoken yet jovial. She’s tough and smart. She’s… got a very inspiring life experience that you would wish to stop tears running down your cheeks. At her age, most women would have long given up life due to the hard knocks.

And indeed, life appears unworthy to journey on especially at a time when you believe in yourself and the people your instinct directed you to and believed that they are kindhearted with creative eyes had refused to give you the necessary support and opportunities.

But, in all things we have no other options than Give Thanks to God instead of clinging to the adage that life is unfair as Melody Kukua Ibrahim says, “as part of life’s challenges, we should rather learn to embrace the ‘bitter’ experiences we are made to go through physically.”

“We don’t in any way have to blame nature for taking its course no matter the spiritualities in our situations because if we don’t go through these life schools; how on earth would we as humans be prepared for what God’s blessings bring to us. Our deserving life, our worthiness?

“God has been very grateful to me. And I find it necessary to share my story and joy with my Rainbow colleagues and media colleagues who have in diverse ways contributed to my successful journey and oh, tolerated me at all costs,” Sokoohemaa told

Adding, “I’m grateful for my listeners who accepted my style of presentation and also for tolerating my ‘always ready to say’ mouth.”

Melody Kukua Ibrahim, well-known as Sokoohemaa is the host for Daybreak show on Rainbow Radio 87.5 and also the founder of Kuks Events.
Editor’s Note: Song lyrics used at the beginning of this piece is by Nigerian Songstress, Yemi Alade featuring Nigerian Music Producer/Musician, Selebobo.

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