Socrate Safo: I’ll gladly accept ministerial position

Movie producer Socrate Safo has said he will accept to serve as deputy minister in Nana Akufo-Addo’s administration if the offer is made to him.
Members of the Creative Arts for Change are rooting for him to be named as Deputy Min. for Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts.

He however denied sponsoring the group to champion his interest.
“Let me establish that I’m not behind the social media campaign. The first person who called to draw my attention on this thing was Kofi Asamoah, he told

“He sent me the picture. I even laughed after I saw it. He told me he wants to take it up so I asked him why and he said for him, that industry is one sector which needs someone who understands the field different industry altogether,” he added.

According to him, they are championing for him to be deputy minister of Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts because they want someone who understand their challenges.

He said: I will equate to a field like medicine, if you don’t have passion for it, you cannot practice good medicine. A good doctor doesn’t just administer prescriptions but his personal touch alone heals even before the medicine.

So for him, Kofi Asamoah, we should get somebody that understand our challenged – that knows why there is division among musicians, who knows why there is division in the film industry so that in case there is any problem, he will understand and know who did what and how it will be solved.

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