Small Boy’ Sammy Gyamfi Must Explain How He Financed His Airport Hills Mansion – NDC Youth Organizer ,Opare Addo

13tb December 2022

Newly reelected National Youth Organizer of the Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Opare Addo has openly asked his fellow National Executive, Sammy Gyamfi to explain his source of wealth.

According to George Opare Addo who won reelection with a slim margin against Yaw Brogya Genfi, he considered the contest as him against “that Airport Hills small boy” Sammy Gyamfi and not Brogya Genfi, George Opare Addo said on Live Radio with Mugabe Maase.

Mr. Opare Addo later dared Sammy Gyamfi on air to explain how he owned the plush property.

“As for this election, it was that Airport Hills small boy I contested not Brogya, I said today I will mention names . . . I contested Sammy Gyamfi and I won. He is a small boy. There is nothing he can match me on, I have lived life well. He is a small boy,” Pablo said.

Sammy Gyamfi openly campaigned for his friend Yaw Brogya Genfi to be elected National Youth Organizer but lost by 25 votes at the just ended Women and Youth elections of the party. Opare Addo was not happy with Sammy Gyamfi and said Sammy Gyamfi has become an obstacle he has to deal with.

“Yes, Sammy Gyamfi has now become an obstacle and in my way and this my second term I will not joke! I will cut away anybody who stands in my way as an obstacle. It is only action that we will see. Action action action….” Opare Addo said.

Popularly known as Pablo, the reelected NDC youth leader asked that Sammy Gyamfi explains how he built a house

“Mugabe, ask Sammy Gyamfi how he built a house at Airport Hills, what work does he do?” He asked.

Opare Addo revealed previous reconciliation attempts he made with Sammy Gyamfi that failed.

“I called him twice for us to meet at my Dzorwulu office, ask him. He was at Peace FM. I called him to come for us to sit and talk so that we can work together. So what is my crime?” Opare Addo revealed.

“I told him (Sammy Gyamfi) that the situation where he passes the other way when I pass one way will not help the party and what I want is to work together to bring NDC to power, ask him if I am lying,” Opare Addo revealed.

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