Sexual Scenes Lead To Adultery –Wayosi

Popular kumawood actor Wayosi known in real life as Joseph osei has shared his experience on sex scenes in movies by stating that it sometimes leads to adultery on set.

“We are humans and how we act the sex and kiss scenes leads us into adultery and all this I believe is against the Christian values “he said.

According to him, sometimes some actors casted for sex scene already have it for each other so by getting the opportunity they commit adultery.

On sex for roles –an issue which once became talk of the day kind of courtesy actor big Akwesi, he told 98 NEWS reporter -Mustapha Inusah that “As a woman who wants to become a star , in one set , a production manager, producer may sleep with you, “

Wayosi lamented that when they move out for shooting, only key people among the crew like. Production Manager, director, lighting engineer, sound engineer, stars and other few ones who play pivotal roles, have their privacy in hotels, the rest sleep in receptions without a room.

“This paves way for production, managers to sleep with the ladies among them at any point in time.”

He intimated that , this and other reasons are why some actors , including , Apostle John Prah , doesn’t accept sex and kiss roles – but prefers being in his comfort zone (Pastoral roles)


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