Gov't Achievements


He has been an inspiration to many.

  1. Motivated and motivates the youth. – in office, he inspired and wanted the youth to take ownership. He motivated the people of Ghana to partner with his government and make something Ghanaian and harnessed the power of people. He supported businesses and companies including Ernest and Tobinco companies to enable them Increase production.
  2. His UN speech : He mesmerized the world with that fantastic speech at the United Nations, rated among the best speeches delivered at the United Nations. You could feel from his speech how he feel about Africa and the world and how proud he was of our culture and language. He is a great orator. Indeed, every speech he delivers gives me goosebumps.

3.He is was and is very accessible: I have never seen a President so available for common people. He listened, analysed and always did what is needful.

  1. He made so many powerful deals because of his demeanor and sharp reasoning.

5.Got some Swag: John Mahama has a great fashion sense. He knows how to dress and kept Ghanaian culture hand in hand.

  1. Sincere and courageous: few political leaders going into an election, will have the courageous to defend their tough but prudent policies. He fulfilled over 90 percent of the promises he made before the 2012 election including the promise to fix our power crisis, crawling economy erc
  2. Ghana is the land of visionary, we have invented and changed the way of life, Mahama also went the same direction. He had only one vision in his mind, that is to make Ghana great again in terms of infrastructure, energy etc and focused on regional development.



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