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Senior University Lecturer responds to Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko

“The alternative is empty”
Hmmm. Wow!!! You’re describing your opponent NDCs’ collaborative effort of trying to build consensus and making people feel heard and included as “empty.”
This is a great jab but I see it as below belt. I can’t tell if this is unprecedented step. If it’s been done before, replication isn’t a crime.

Are you sure you alone or the so-called ‘men’ NPP claimed it has somehow, are pregnant with all the legendary ideas and solutions needed to solve the developmental challenges of GHANA?

After waking up from your deep ‘slumber,’ you and your cronies have realized that this great approach been adopted by these crop of people you branded incompetents are posing great threat and sense of insecurity to you.

One thing all of us need to understand is that no one, I mean, no one can said to be repository of knowledge. Even universities (the Ivy leagues and the red bricks), and global topnotch research institutes with all their knowledge greats sometimes gather inputs from respondents (both downtrodden and elite) to help them come out with flagship research findings.

The power to rule in every democratic dispensation comes from the people (the electorates i. e. the citizenry). It’s imperative as a political party seeking political power and authority to rule, to solicit from the electorates, their priorities, expectations, and interests.

Impliedly, what you’ll do with the power when given the mandate, I see collective responsibility and participatory democracy in action here. I see nothing wrong with soliciting from the citizenry their expectations regarding the type of management model they’ll adopt for all the sectors of the economy -Agric, education, Security, fiscal discipline, employment, roads, energy, etc.

Nothing prevents the other political parties like PNC, CPP, GUM and even the ruling party that touts itself of ‘having the men’ from benchmarking this best practise.
I shed the sentiments of NPP that NDC after ruling GHANA for sometime now they ought to know the developmental challenges of this nation. But understand that NDC commits no crime for turning to the people to solicit their expectations.
We hope that after gathering all these ideas from the citizenry, NDC will indeed work with it for a better GHANA.

Isaac Ofori-Okyere

Senior Lecturer (Tokoradi Technical University and Former Dean of Students)

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