Scandal Hits NPP; Party Executives Spending Ghc 1800 Per Night in UK’s Most Expensive Hotel

16th April 2016.

Acting General Secretary John Boadu, National Youth Organiser Sammi Awuku, National Women’s Organizer Otiko Jaba, and Nasara cordinator Kamal Deen were in London, UK. Sources close to the party headquarters in Asylum down says the party executives are in UK to receive training from the conservative party and they will be staying there for One week and some days.
Checks in UK reveals that, all these 4 party executives were lodging in an expensive Hotel in Victoria known as THE GRANGE WELLINGTON HOTEL.

The cost for a room per night in the hotel is a charged amount of £300 pounds sterling. The equivalent of this amount is Ghc 1800. This means that, the NPP party under Nana Akufo Addo and Freddie blay is spending Ghc 7,200 per night on Sammy Awuku, John Boadu, Otiko Djaba and Kamal deen. Now multiply Ghc 7,200 by 7 days. Therefore, the NPP party is spending Ghc 50,400 on accomodation per week on Sammi Awuku, John Boadu, Otiko Djaba and Kamal Deen. This amount is minus the per diem given to each of the 4 expensive executives

Ironically, these party executives could have been housed in homes of our party members or in a less cheaper hotel but for obvious reasons, they decided to live an opulence lifestyle in UK.

This amount spent per week in UK could have been shared among 50 parliamentary aspirants but John Boadu and his cabal have decided to spend it a week in UK. This is happening at a time where Parliamentary candidates have been asked to raise their own funds. This is happening at a time where constituencies have been asked to go look for their own money and campaign. This is happening at a time where Parliamentary candidates cannot afford to pay the T&T of those they go with to campaign.

Current State of the NPP under Nana Akufo Addo and his boys

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