Sarah Kwablah Did Not Extort Money From Asamoah Gyan – CID Suggest So In Court

Richmond Ayayi, the interdicted CID who investigated the ongoing alleged extortion trial against 4 suspects; Osarfo Anthony, Chris Handler, Sarah Kwablah, and Ekow Micah, has told the court that after his investigation, he was not aware Sarah Kwablah, the lady Asamoah Gyan allegedly raped and sodomized, extorted money from the Black Star captain.

Vindicating Testimony On Osarfo

On last week’s hearing, the CID vindicated the first accused, Osarfo Anthony, by telling the court that Osarfo did not contact Asamoah Gyan to threaten or demand any money from Gyan – though earlier reports on the case spread that false impression about the respected Entertainment Writer.

The CID told the court that one Nii Armah Armateifio, who works with 3 FM at TV 3, first contacted Osarfo and the idea was “to convince Osarfo with money from Asamoah Gyan to stop publication on the rape and sodomy allegations in the interest of Gyan” – – Lawyer Ampaw made this revelation to the shock of all in court on Thursday, 18th August, 2016.

Celebrity lawyer, Dr. Maurice Ampaw who is the Defence Council for Osarfo Anthony, Sarah Kwablah, and Ekow Micah, told the court how Nii bombarded Osarfo will calls and Facebook chats – all in an attempt to kill the story in the interest of Asamoah Gyan.

He further told the court that because Osarfo is a genuine person, he told Nii that they should put whatever they are discussing verbally and in chats, into a formal agreement – an indication that Osarfo meant no evil against Asamoah Gyan or to extort money from the Black Star captain.

Cross-Examination Continued

On Thursday, 25th August, 2016, celebrity lawyer, Maurice Ampaw, continued his cross-examination; this time, shifting the focus on Sarah Kwablah, who is the third accused in the case. Under cross examination, lawyer Ampaw asked the CID if Sarah Kwablah extorted money from Asamoah Gyan.

In his response, the CID told the court that “I’m not aware my Lord.” Still under cross-examination, the smart lawyer asked the CID the same question in a different way; “Did Sarah demand money from Asamoah Gyan?” This time, the CID turned a sharp U-Turn and told the court “yes my Lord.” That response got all in the court to burst out laugher.

Asked to explain how Sarah demanded money from Gyan, he said, “She called Gyan on phone to demand money.” When queried if he has any evidence to his claim, he said no. Again, the CID had earlier tendered in court, a sheet he claims to be a receipt that Osarfo Anthony gave to Asamoah Gyan’s manager, after the latter gave him money. Lawyer Ampaw asked the CID to read everything on the sheet to the open court:

“In pursuance of our earlier verbal discussion with your client to stop publications on his alleged sodomy and or rape scandal with a lady by name Sarah Kwablah, the editorial board of, upon the signing of this agreement with you, officially consents never to publish any reportage on the said case.

The client [Asamoah Gyan] therefore pays the publisher [] an amount of Ȼ25,000 [Publishing Cost] with the obligation that should the site ever do any publication on the said allegation or give out any facts or evidence on the said case to any third party person for publication, reproduction or duplication, your client has the unequivocal right to sue the site and its publisher for criminal or civil tort – whichever case may be,” the document, signed by Osarfo Anthony on July 23, 2015, stated.
Asked if he still maintains what he read to the court is a receipt, the CID said, “It’s a receipt my Lord; not an agreement. Receipts are signed by one person. That is why it bears the signature of A1 (Osarfo Anthony.” Whether it’s a crime for a business to issue a receipt to its client or not, or those who extort money from their victims issue receipts to their victims or not, is a big question left to the judge to rule on.

Judge Expresses Shock At ID’s Conduct

With the way and countenance the CID gave inconsistent testimony as he fumbled with words in court, the trial judge, who was a bit taken aback, asked the CID; “Are you really a CID? Have you not been to court before?” Audience in court burst into laughter- causing the court clerk to shout “order in court.”

Next Hearing

Case was adjourned to 1st September, 2016 for continuation of cross-examination.


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