An uncle of Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi the embattled former President of the Ghana Football Association has revealed that what his nephew said in the video concerning his ability to get contracts for the fake investors was true.

The Uncle who spoke on condition of anonymity, disclosed that his nephew has confirmed to him and some principal members of his family that he discussed the contract issue and other equally pertinent issues with the President, the Vice and other senior members in government before embarking on the trip. He said, his nephew and the family are waiting for the official black and white to enable him to prepare and defend himself with all the available facts.

He added that his nephew would take full responsibility over the statement he made but will defend his action during any hearing with authentic evidence he has. He said, the overlord of their traditional area has taken over the issue so will wait till he finishes with his initiative. He said he has had the opportunity of meeting the President twice when he was in opposition through Kwesi’s effort so why should people doubt what his nephew said in the video. He added that his nephew is an accomplished lawyer and a former banker so will not speak like a little child. He condemned pronouncements by some members of the Npp and colleagues of his nephew who benefited from his position.

He said the public do not necessarily need to hear all the information and his nephew’s position at this point. For this reason facts delivery should be prioritized by telling the public the important ones for them to make their own judgements. He said his nephew is a lawyer and a former banker so will not speak thoughtlessly. He said a group of chiefs selected by the overlord were supposed to meet Kwesi to hear his side of the story but other equally important traditional matters stopped them from coming. That notwithstanding, the overlord has been briefed adequately and has started discussing the issue with the President and the Vice the uncle disclosed. Asked whether he has any knowledge about his nephew’s future endeavours, he said, the people in his area have been calling on him to lead them and thinks this is the right time. He will soon enter politics he said

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