Safe Gaurding Ghanas Democratic Credentials -Professor Joshua Alabi

For some time now, there has been widespread rumour alleging administrative misconduct on the part of Ghana’s Electoral Commission. The rumours appear to be fuelled by an attempt to remove the chairperson of the Commission from office. Recent developments pointing to some underground maneuvering to remove the Electoral Commissioner give credence to the rumour.

It must be noted that our dear country Ghana has enjoyed peaceful elections since the inception of the 1992 Constitution. The various changes in government in the fourth republic have been presided over by the Electoral Commission of Ghana to the admiration of many, with the recent electoral success further deepening Ghana’s democratic credentials. The Country has built a very strong commission that has earned the respect of the international community and has in many instances become a case of reference in Africa. The Commission has built an enviable record not only in Africa but the world.

The petition to remove the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission is the first of its kind in our democratic history, and the scales must be balanced carefully to avoid the country tipping over towards the path of hate, suspicions, retaliations and recriminations.

Any attempt to undermine and disrupt the Commission will not serve any political party any good at this critical point in Ghana’s democracy. There will be no winner but Ghana as a country will be the looser.

I wish to call on the instigators and those in officialdom to exercise utmost caution in dealing with this sensitive matter in order not to endanger our fledgling democracy.

Without discussing the merits or demerits of the petition, I wish to call on the President and all those in positions of authority, to balance the sensitivity of the issue with the current state of political tension and suspicions in this country to safe guard the peace Ghana has enjoyed and should continue to enjoy.

What do you think?

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