Today is yet another sad day for Ghana. The State Police, who are paid from our taxes and supposed to provide security and protect lives, are the very ones that turned around to unleash violence on us.

Nothing and absolutely nothing warranted such excessive use of force as applied by the Police on the peaceful protest march of the armless members of LMVCA, MFC, AFAG and several other trade groups and associations.

The only crime of these Ghanaians perhaps is that, we want the Electoral Commission to discard the 2012 biometric voters? register and compile a fresh credible one for the 2016 elections.

What can be wrong or unlawful with this harmless demand? The whole world witnessed what happened.

The Let My Vote Count Alliance and its allied civic groups consider the highhandedness of the police in today?s protest march, a threat to our democracy that must be quickly checked and not allowed to become the order.

The Police might have succeeded in ending the protest march albeit prematurely by their expression of unreasonable brute force, but let them know that our spirits are fired up because we know our demand is just. Many of our colleagues have been physically manhandled, sustained various degrees of injury and bleeding. Others collapsed because they could not stand the strong smell from the 20 or so canisters fired by the police.

We are not backing down on our request today or tomorrow. The Ghana Police must be made to understand that, they might have the might of the guns and other fire arms, but they are certainly not mightier than the collective will of the people.

If this is how the Police is going to manage the processes leading up to the 2016 elections, then Ghanaians should brace themselves because they have clearly shown us their intentions.

We would to however send a strong warning that, we will resist every form of oppression so long as our demand is just.



David Asante


Written by Web Master

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