Revealed: The Woman who Fell Down In the Video Is Not Gifty Osei

The reports is gathering has it that, the video going round that the gospel diva Gifty Osei has fallen down in a wedding ceremony has come out to be false.
This particular video according to eye witness accounts took place at Worcester, Massachusetts in the United States of America in the year 2013. The wedding was between a name given to us as Sister Enos and a certain gentleman whose name is yet to found.

Ever since this video started making rounds, alot of people have come out to deny the fact that, the lady in question does not look like Gifty Osei and some were with the view that the victim only looks like Gifty Osei but looking at the way Gifty Osei dresses, this particular lady in the video lacked it. They already disbelieve the video.

The number of eye witness accounts this reporter have gathered have all confirmed that the said video was not Gifty Osei and that, Gifty Osei was not in that wedding. On social media specifically on facebook, more than two people came to confirm that Gifty Osei did not come under that particular wedding.
One lady called Ciara Afia Kim commented under one of the videos making round that ”Thats not Gifty Osei, I was at the wedding which was in Worcester, Massachusetts. Thats Sister Enos wedding. It was in 2013”
Another lady also commented somewhere that ”Please people, this is not Gifty Osei, this incident happened in Worcester, Massachusetts in America. That was an accident, so my people dont make a big deal out of this. please this lady was trying to help when she accidentally fell.
Meaning all reports indicates that the video making rounds is not Gifty Osei.
On the other hand, Management of Gifty Osei have also issue a disclaimer in a statement released earlier morning debunkingthe claim that the woman in that video is Gifty Osei. The management claim the video is a misrepresentation of Character.
”Disregard and treat the video going round that Gifty Osei has fallen down flat at a wedding ceremony with all the contempt it deserves. We want to state it emphatically that the image in the video has gotten nothing to with our Empress Gifty Osei. It is a misrepresentation of Character.

She has not attended any wedding of that sort anywhere in the country and does not also have any dress or outfit that even looks like the victim in the video and so it came as a surprise to us as management for people to be making those false claims. We therefore issue a disclaimer and uses the opportunity to call on the media houses especially the bloggers that published that false hood about our client.

We think it will be appropriate for our media practitioners to cross check their informations from different sources before issuing a publication inorder not to dent the hard earn reputation of individuals and brands

We also sympathize with the victim in that said video since it is an accindent which can happen to any body irrespective of your status” Stephen Kenneth Nakujah expressed.


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