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Regional breakdown of EC’s just ended registration exercise

Provisional figures as announced today, Wednesday, August 12, 2020, by the Electoral Commission put the total number of persons who registered in the just voter registration exercise at 16,963,306.

It includes the 30,814 persons registered during the two-day mop-up registration exercise organised over the weekend.

Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa, said the figure is pending processes of deduplication and adjudication.

She expects the figure to drop after these processes.

“The process of deduplication and adjudication, which are currently going will flag multiple registrations in the system,” she said.

“Additionally, the challenge system put in place during the registration and exhibition exercise will further flag unqualified voters on the register,” Jean Mensa noted further.

The EC chairperson is confident that the upcoming processes “will contribute to the cleaning of the register and ensure its integrity and credibility ahead of the 2020 election.”

The Greater Accra Region had the most registered voters with 3,509,805 persons.

The Ashanti Region followed with 3,013,856 persons, Eastern Region with 1,628,108 persons and the Central Region with 1,566,061 persons.

The commission last week announced that there were close to 800,000 persons “quarantined” on multiple registrations and exceptions list.

It has put in place an Adjudication Committee to manually determine cases of duplicated voter registrations.
Below is the regional breakdown of voters registered by the Electoral Commission:


  1. GREATER ACCRA 3,509,805
  2. ASHANTI 3,013,856
  3. EASTERN 1,628,180
  4. CENTRAL 1,566,061
  5. WESTERN 1,185,315
  6. NORTHERN 1,047,539
  7. VOLTA 929,322
  8. UPPER EAST 653,730
  9. BONO 648,408
  10. BONO EAST 592,015
  11. UPPER WEST 470,271
  12. WESTERN NORTH 465,444
  13. OTI 353,492
  14. AHAFO 315,827
  15. SAVANNAH 295,648
  16. NORTH EAST 288,393

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