We are ready to hit the campaign trail again – Ayariga

Flag bearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), Mr Hassan Ayariga has said he will hit the campaign trail following an Accra High Court ruling ordering the Electoral Commission to give him an opportunity to correct errors on his presidential nomination forms for which reason he was disqualified from the presidential race.

According to him, the ruling shows that the rule of law is working in this country.

“Our laws are working and no matter who you are, no matter your institution, when you find fault or anomalies with issues, you can always go to the court for redress. I am very proud that democracy is really working in this country. I am very proud rule of law is working. The world all over will believe in the rule of law in Ghana. … We are grateful.
“We will continue our campaign and the rest of the people in court, we wish them well and we hope they will also have a favourable judgment,” he told journalists shortly after the court ruling.

The judge, Justice Babara Charway in her judgment indicated the EC acted unfairly by disqualifying the All People’s Congress from the presidential race.
The legal team for the disqualified presidential nominee of the APC in their submission challenged the 30th September date by the EC as the last day for receiving nominations.

According them the EC by virtue of receiving the nomination fees as required on the stipulated date made the nomination incomplete.
Arguing their case in court, lawyers for Ayariga told the court the EC failed to meet the statutory seven days after nominations before announcing their disqualification.

They also questioned the brain behind the decision of the commission not to allow them correct the errors based on which they were disqualified.
But the Judge who presided over the case said the EC should not have disqualified Hassan Ayariga.

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