Re: Vicious Attack on Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa by Occupy Ghana is very reckless

I have read with utter shock and dismay a vicious and reckless attack on Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa written by Occupy Ghana. In their piece they have shamefully described this vulgar language and insults as an “open letter. It is supposed to be their response to an excellent and educative piece written by Hon. Ablakwa in response to an earlier baseless call by the same group in respect of Ministers or government appointees who have so far signed the petition by lawyers of the “Montie3”. The piece written by the honourable deputy minister of Education is simply nothing but the truth. However, Occupy Ghana as predictable as they are, instead of examining the content of his write up, they have rather decided to allow their conscience to be dictated to by their emotions, thereby blowing hot air out there.

I have followed the activities of this group since its inception till date, and I can confidently say that, this group has a sole agenda, that is to get the Mahama-Amissah government out of power through vicious allegatins of corruption etc. In furtherance to this anti-Mahama government agenda, they have since carried out a number of choreographed activities which largely attack the government appointees as they have just done or President himself. This is aimed at painting innocent government appointees or the President in a certain negative image (s) so as to unduly expose them to coordinated ridicule and name calling by other surrogate groups. This is a desperate strategy adopted by Occupy Ghana to take away the shine of President Mahama’s administration in the area of unprecedented infrastructure development across the country in the area of health, road networks, education, housing etc.

Occupy Ghana has suddenly arrogated to itself the sole right to speak on issues that affect the rest of Ghanaians. If it is not so, on what basis does Occupy Ghana often takes on some appointees or even the president to the cleaners. Hon. Ablakwa and his colleagues only joined the numerous Ghanaians to sign the petition enable HE President Mahama to exercise his constitutional right as the Commander-in-Chief of Ghana. Indeed since the incarceration of the montie3, various groups of people and individuals have expressed their utter shock and dismay considering the kind of punishment meted out to the montie3. The four months prison sentence was not only excess but also very harsh which is largely viewed as clandestine attempt to criminalize freedom of speech enshrined in 1992 Constitution. In fact many Ghanaians have described the sentencing by the SC as backdoor approach to re-introduce criminal libel law.

Indeed, I equally find the sentecing to be too harsh and unacceptable considering the fact that, the montie3 admitted that they went over board and subsequently rendered unqualified apologies to the apex court. They equally demonstrated enough remorse. In view of these, the least one could expect was this kind of excessive sentence of four months in addition to Ghc10,000 each. We all know that even Sir John, who was NPP General Secretary General during the 2012 election petition went too far than these montie3. Besides Sir John is a lawyer with several decades of experience. When he attacked the then presiding Judge Mr Justice Atuguba and he was subsequently halted for contempt, he was only fined Gh5000. Yet the gravity of his attack was very serious as compared to t he montie trio because he told the families and relatives of the Judges to start buying their funeral clothes. Where was this hypocritical and double standard group calling itself occupy Ghana. Perhaps because people were busily occupying sim boxes fraud as in the case of Mr Tweneboah who was jailed two after being convicted over simbox fraud.

Again, members of the soclled Occupy Ghana must also stop behaving as though they are the only Ghanaians who have the right to express their views on issues of national interest. What would be the basis of such warbling mentality and arrogance? They must humble themselves and stop that arrogant posturing. Ghana does not belong to Occupy Ghana or any small fraction or bunch of people who think that everything must either be them or no one else. This “all knowing” posturing by Occupy Ghana to say the least is very disgusting.

Baba Musah

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