The attention of the office of the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Paul Afoko, has been drawn to comments by Kweku Baako on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo programme last Wednesay(27/4/2016) morning, to the effect that Mr. Afoko knew of the training programme for some category of party officers that was handled by some Serbian nationals who had come into Ghana allegedly at the behest of the NPP.

Whilst reacting to Mr. Afoko’s interview with the AfricaWatch magazine, Kweku Baako persisted in his flagrant and wicked lies, by promising the public that he was arranging to have some audio and video recordings of the training programme which implied that Mr. Paul Afoko spoke on the first day of the training programme.

Mr. Baako lied again that Chairman Afoko after being informed of the Serbian training by the NPP national women organiser, Otiko Afisa Djaba, went and stopped the training.
Kweku Baako, obviously at his mischief best, deliberately created the wrong impression that there was collusion between Mr. Afoko and the government of Ghana on the security implications of the presence of the Serbians in Ghana.

For the information of all,

(1) It is very strange that all those mentioned in the interview have not contradicted Mr. Afoko but Kweku Baako who was not present was heard on air disputing the national chairman’s account.

(2) The NPP at the time did not organise any training programme for some of its officers to be handled by any Serbian nationals.

(2) Neither Mr. Afoko, the Steering Committee, the National Executive Committee (NEC) nor the National Council of the NPP had planned and or sanctioned any such training program.

(3) For emphasis, Chairman Afoko did not address the participants on the first day of the 4-day training programme as it is being falsely put out into the public domain by Kweku Baako.

(4) Nowhere in the interview with the AfricaWatch magazine did Mr. Afoko state that he went to stop the meeting. So where did Kweku Baako get that information from? He must tell the whole world because the magazine is still in circulation.

(5) Any competent national security setup would have known of the presence of the Serbian nationals and what they were doing in the country.

Mr. Afoko truthfully answered a question posed by the AfricaWatch. Mr Baako’s attempt to imply collusion between Mr Afoko and the government is pure mischief. In any case, Serbia is not one of the countries that can give Ghana any lessons in democracy.

(6) The office of the National Chairman dares Kweku Baako to keep his promise on Peace FM to make the so-called tapes available for public consumption, or forever have his credibility questioned.

The demeanour of Kweku Baako in this whole matter smacks of someone who does not have any facts whatsoever to counter the factual content of Mr. Afoko’s interview with the AfricaWatch magazine, and he must therefore tell his own untruths to further his agenda.

It has become very clear that Kweku Baako has, for some time, abandoned journalism for propaganda. He should stop holding himself out as an authority on NPP affairs.

Thank you.

Nana Yaw Osei,
Spokesperson, National Chairman, NPP.

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