RE: NDC begins distribution of mahama textiles for votes

RE: NDC begins distribution of mahama textiles for votes

The Catalyst Newspaper’s attention has been drawn to a publication on the Ghanaweb, a Ghanaian website and referenced on another web address on Thursday, January 28, 2016 under the headline, “NDC BEGINS DISTRIBUTION OF MAHAMA TEXTILES FOR VOTES” purported to have been published by our newspaper.

The story, sourced from one Ekow Bondzie/ The Catalyst, sought to create the impression that The Catalyst Newspaper did publish the said article and made it available to Ghanaweb.

We wish to state categorically that, The Catalyst has never published or caused to be published any story under that headline.

In fact, we do not have any reporter/worker under the name Ekow Bondzie and we suspect it is the name of an imposter with the motive of tarnishing our hard-earned reputation for selfish interests.
We call for a retraction of the said story from the said websites since it did not emanate from us.
The Catalyst has a well-known email address through which all communications are channeled, therefore any communication coming from any other address should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

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