Re: Former Education Minister was an embarrassment-Napo (Baba Musah )

Mr Matthew Opoku Prempeh Education Min. your unwarranted and unprovoked attacks on Prof Naana Opku Agyemang former education can best be described as either “gbeshie or kpokpogbligbli” nduced”.

Before Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyeman became the minister for education from 2013-2016, she had held various positions in the field of academics which included but not limited to the position of Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast. In fact, in the history of Ghana, she is the first female to have headed a public university as a VC.

What did Prof Naana Opoku Agyemang say to you and do to warrant such infantile attacks from someone who is supposed to be honourable? Without sound too harsh or offensive like your attacks, don’t you know that there’s great differences between you and Prof. Naana in terms of who appreciates and understand our educational system better?

Please Mr ARROGANT, RUDE AND POMPOUS education minister, find a place in your wife’s “kitchen cabinet” and hang your pride. This enable learn from educationists like Prof Naana Opoku Agyemang which could help you. Cut the empty pride and humble yourself so that well meaning Ghanaians especially educationists and other stakeholders in the sector can help you manage our country’s educational system properly.

Are you not ashamed that, barely two months after the fun-fair that characterized the launch of the so-called free education just for SHS 1 students only, your government is already gasping for breath and has therefore called on the citizenry to do “SUSU” contributions to help you fund your government over ambitious poorly thought-through campaign promise?

Didn’t ndc as well as, experts in the sector caution you and your government about the possibility of funding difficulties? But because you feel too big to learn or because you felt that you know everything, you ignored all the legitimate concerns raised about the policy and it’s shabby implementation. Is there any wonder that, schools like La Presby SHS had to provide cement blocks for SHS 1 students to use as classroom desks or furniture? Is it any wonder that Vittin SHS in Tamale had to convert the shades of trees 🌲 on the school compound to be used as dormitories for SHS 1 students? Is there any wonder that some schools had to convert classrooms verandas, school toilet and kitchen facilities as dormitories and classrooms respectively for SHS 1 students? These happen when you allow your over bloated egos to take charge or control of your intellectual prowess. Pride goes before a fall.

Is NDC not vindicated when it constantly question you and your government about the funding sources?

Perhaps if you had cut these bad attributes you exhibit even in the midst of your gross incompetence, maybe you government would not have been asking the “poor” Ghanaians to do susu contributions for you to fund the free education policy.

Yes, you may be a colossus in the medical field but your incompetence at the educational ministry has clearly manifested in the bizarre implementation of the free education policy.

Many well meaning Ghanaians are wondering the caliber of SHS graduates Ghana will produce in the few years to come under the current state of the free education system in the country.

Mr Napo as you are affectionately called, please drop the arrogance and empty pride, humble yourself, so that people can feel comfortable and respected, so that they can see the need help you out.

Let me use this opportunity to also call on women groups to condemn the unwarranted and unprovoked attacks against Madam Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang. The attacks on her is also an attack on wowanhood and civil society groups must come out to condemn such irresponsible behaviour particularly coming from a minister who is also a legislator.

Finally, Mr Mathew Opoku Prempeh must render unqualified apology to the former education minister and women in general.

I hope my appeal is accepted in good faith from a humble citizen of Ghana.

God bless our homeland.

Baba Musah

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