Rawlings says he would’ve jailed people to keep Accra clean if he was mayor

Former President Jerry John Rawlings says he would have jailed at least three persons a week until Accra becomes clean again if he was the mayor.
The former military ruler, who was made a sanitation ambassador by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, said Ghanaians were lucky the role conferred on him was ceremonial.

In a speech at this year’s Asafotufiam Festival in Ada, Mr Rawlings suggested that a radical approach is the only way to get the capital clean.

He said, “You are lucky the position given to me is just a ceremonial one. If I was acting in the actual capacity, I would jail about three to five people a week till Accra becomes clean again.
“It is disheartening and very unpleasant. Those who collect rubbish come to dump them at the roadside. Let’s be a little more patriotic by arresting these persons and teach them a lesson.”
In a moving speech, Mr Rawlings, who often talks passionately about the environment, said diseases are prevalent in the country because of citizens attitude toward sanitation.

“Typhoid, hepatitis B, and cholera are prevalent in our country because of this attitude. Because of this, we all need inoculation. Let’s not make things work. This government inherited an ailing State and if we don’t come together to rebuild this country, we will all suffer,” he said.

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