If Rawlings knew the truth, he won’t call me a thief – Woyome

Embattled businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome says he holds no grudge against the former president Jerry John Rawlings for calling him a thief in a judgement debt scandal.

The NDC financier said the former President who is a friend would not have come to that conclusion if he was made aware of the full facts of the case.

President Rawlings in March 2015, described Woyome as a thief despite a High Court ruling that said the businessman was not guilty in any criminal conduct when he pocketed GHC51.2m as a judgement debt payment.

Former President Jerry John Rawlings was of the belief that state officials acted in concert to help free Woyome of any crime.

“I just read that the thief called Woyome had been freed. Why? Because his accomplices [Betty Mould and one other person] who were in government were not produced in court for vital evidence to incriminate him.” Rawlings said.

Speaking on Joy News channel The Pulse Monday, Woyome blamed the media for the greatly misinforming the public since the scandal broke in 2011.

He said the media for five years having mounted a vilification “concert” against him every day “including Sunday”. He condemned journalist for insisting that the payment was illegal.

According to him, the court said it was unconstitutional but not illegal because he obtained judgement for the payment through a court of competent jurisdiction, the High Court.

It was the Supreme Court which held that because per the constitution Woyome’s agreement with the state was not approved by parliament, the subsequent payment for his services could not be grounded in law.

Alfred Woyome also said the Supreme Court which ordered him to pay back the money was also misled to come to the conclusion that they did in July 2014.

According to Woyome, the money was lawfully owed him and he has the right to spend it the way he deems fit.

The state had begun a process to question him in court about his assets in a bid to help retreive the money.

But the state in a u-turn declined to do so explaining that it had reached an agreement on a payment plan hence there was no immediate need to orally examine Woyome.

But former Attorney-General who won judgment against Woyome in 2014 to pay back the money, took up the opportunity to do the state’s work.

The Supreme Court granted his application last week Thursday and set November 24 for the highly-anticipated showdown.

Woyome stressed in the interview with Joy News’ Francis Abban that has pledged again to pay back the money. Despite promising to pay back the money by December 2015, Alfred Woyome has reneged.

“My word is my bond”, he told Francis and added that he will do this although he strongly disagreed with the 2014 ruling.

Woyome said he would not challenge the Supreme court decision but warned that after coughing out the money, the state will pay him so much more than it took.

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