Rashida Black Beauty arrested

Rashida Black Beauty, an 18-year-old Berekum native girl known for her notoriety for insulting her ‘Malafaka’ ex-boyfriend last year, has been arrested by the Berekum Police over her recent leaked nude video.

Rashida’s nude video was recently leaked on the internet and many have described it as the most disgusting nude video to be ever leaked in Ghana.

In the 2 minutes video, Rashida Black Beauty can be seen shaking her backside, gives a doggy style pose, gropes her firmly pointed breasts, touches her coochie, and opens the coochie wide apart – inviting joyful flies to her cum center.

Update on Rashida has it that, the Berekum police has arrested her for interrogations over why and how her nude video, leaked.

In an exclusive interview with one Bigscout Prempeh, who is very close to Rashida, he confirmed the news.

In an audio also available to the site, a lady can be heard loud and clear, speaking to the police.

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