Ras Mubarak’s statement in parliament on Capt Mahama’s murder

Mr speaker i know the whole House has been deeply saddened by the death of Captain Maxwell Mahama and I hope the whole House would join me in condemning the horrific manner of his death.

Maxwell was killed early this week in the most gruesome attack by members of the Denkyira –Obuasi community, in the Central Region.

The young soldier gave his life serving his country and our deepest sympathies are with his father, Adam Mahama. I offer my profound and deepest sympathy to his wife – Barbara, and children, and also to John Dramani Mahama, former President of the Republic and uncle of the deceased.

My thoughts and prayers are with his entire family and friends and the Ghana Armed Forces.
Details are still emerging but it is important that as a House we stand as one in condemning such barbarity.

Maxwell had been stationed in the area, as part of the crusade against the galamsey menace in Ghana. And even on his Facebook page, he demonstrated his commitment to the fight against galamsey. He died a hero, a true Ghanaian hero. He had options, and one was to fight back and shoot his way out of danger.

The laws of our land guarantee him that right to fight back, to protect him in the face of danger. But he spared his tormentors and chose to die at their hands rather than shoot is way out of danger. That’s the mark of a real soldier.

His death is a stark reminder of the very real dangers our men and women in uniform face on a daily basis.

Mr. Speaker the manner in which Maxwell died, does enormous damage to the moral authority of our country. It makes us fall short as a country where rule of law is respected. This is not the country you grew up in; Mr. Speaker.

This is not the Ghana where elders could talk to the young and they would listen. Even if, Maxwell had committed any crime against the community, is that the appropriate way of exacting justice? Why? Something is awry.
For far too long, we have sat back, and watched almost on a monthly basis; incidents like this take place and remained silent because it has not directly affected us.

As a child growing up in Kumasi, I saw people gleefully kill and burn someone suspected of a break-in. What kind of society have we become? A bunch of savages who have no regard for the rule of law, have no respect for human life and dignity?

How many more innocent people like Maxwell, must die in very tragic circumstances before we say enough is enough?

Mr. Speaker, I am angry, but I am reserved in my anger because I am in a position of trust, and as such must seek to preserve the sanctity of our beloved country Ghana. But this is a man in uniform, brutally killed in the line of duty. His attackers cannot go unpunished; we cannot treat this on a business as usual basis. The state must not spare resources in hunting down these savages who lynched Maxell.

Mr. Speaker, Let me commend the Ghana Armed Forces for the professionalism they’ve exhibited thus far. The crime is so horrific to have warranted draconian response against the community, but the military have showed discipline and professionalism.

It is right for the military high command to initiate an immediate investigation. Ghanaians and the rest of the world who are watching must not be under any illusion that this would be business as usual. Maxwell deserves a state burial with full military honours.

But more important than a State burial is finding the perpetrators of the evil act. Let’s join hands in hunting down his killers. The community where the incident happened and the general public must assist in volunteering information.

The crime so ghastly to go unpunished. Rest in Perfect Peace – Maxwell Adam Mahama.

What do you think?

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