Ransford Osafo Danso (PhD) USA – writes on Tow Tax

Don’t spend a chunk of your political/goodwill capital on endeavours that are senseless.

You do not need to sign an agreement with any entity that wishes to operate a towing service in Ghana.

If you are a private entity, legally registered to operate in Ghana, use your private resources to acquire the inputs you need to operate a successful towing service.

If and when you do a good job, you wouldn’t need the government of Ghana to guarantee you customers and by extension revenue. The police should enforce the laws on road safety; the government should refrain from intentionally committing the nation to absurd contracts and then use the penalties for abrogating such contracts as a basis for justification. It is unethical, disingenuous, and plain robbery. No one is against setting up a tow company, however, government shouldn’t handpick an organization and sign a contract with for such purpose.
If you cannot see anything wrong with this state backed monopoly, it is time to fine tune your ethics and while at it adjust your patriotism too. There is too much at stake to begin doing things in this manner; people believed in this change too much for people at the helm of affairs to contemplate such a deal; and the Ghanaian is too wide awake to condone this behavior of our leaders, both elected and unelected. *I am yet to see or hear government signing a contract with a sachet water company to solely manufacture and sell purified water on the Ghanaian market, why is towing service different?*
To eradicate corruption, those whose party is in power should be equally outraged, if not more, than those in opposition, over stinking deals like the tow levy. #think

What do you think?

NPP Deputy Gen. Sec. will join demo against Tow Levy