Raid On Antoa Was An Insider Job – Kwaku Bonsam

Renowned spiritualist, Kwaku Bonsam says the theft of gold and other ornaments said to have been committed at the Antoa palace in the Ashanti Region could only have been perpetrated by persons familiar with the palace.
He said outright strangers wouldn’t have known their way in and out of the palace without help.

Kwaku Bonsam who was speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Friday, said it is likely someone at the shrine may have taken money and performed the necessary rites to enable the theft to be possible.

But he said the Antoa deity will never let the desecraters go scot free, saying just like the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was difficult to comprehend, people may not understand how it is possible that a shrine is robbed.

He said Antoa remains a powerful god that has helped resolved people’s challenges and is very capable of resolving its own challenges.

He said it is no news someone has taken something belonging to Antoa, but explained that because it has solved so many issues for people, it will definitely solve its own.

Every god has its own ritual, likes and dislikes, he said, adding that the insider knew what to do to aid the thieves. “I want people to be clear about the fact that the raid occurred in the palace and not the shrine because Antoa is a river and nobody has stolen the Antoa god.”

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