Professor Opoku-Agyemang speaks

Professor Naana Jean Opoku Agyemang has finally spoken for the first at a retreat organized by National Democratic Congress.

Professor Naana Jean Opoku Agymang, addressing the party executive at the retreat of the National Democratic Congress on Friday in Accra, Prof. Opoku-Agyemang expressed her gratitude for all the support given to her by the team, she also pointed out that she will do all it takes to justify the confidence reposed in her by Ghanaians and the National Democratic Congress.

She went on and advised the team to close their ranks and work for the victory of the National Democratic Congress in the upcoming Generalbum elections.Professor Naana Jean Opoku Agymang has assured Ghanaians and supporters of the NDC, that she was going to help John Dramani Mahama to deliver on all promises and take the Nation from it current state into further hight than any President has ever done.

She reminded the general public to continue to adhere to the guidelines given by the Health Ministry and the WHO.

However, professor Naana Jean Opoku Agymang has still said nothing about the criticisms by the opposition party.

We guess she has as well, taken it in good faith as every politician, expects criticism one way of the other.

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