The lackluster criticism of the NDC, the former President and his appointees by Professor Stephen Adei is not only insincere but also an orchestration of incoherence. This is evidently clear in the manner in which he has continually pre- empted and fabricated falsehood against the former administration. It is important for Prof Stephen Adei to understand that our democracy has attained a high level of conscious awareness for which reason he cannot take Ghanaians for a rough shod ride in the name of academic presentations, whose only agenda is to forsake decorum and fair assessment of issues by always placing the cart before the horse in the quest to gain recognition.

Ghana doesn’t need a leader described by Prof Adei as good man to be president. What we need is a visionary leader ; somebody that knows where Ghana is and knows where he’s is taking Ghana to, a leader who has political will to move Ghana to a higher level.

I listened to the former Rector of GIMPA and felt sorry for this great nation. Throughout his interview on Joy FM, the good professor was caught up behaving hypocritically and contradicted himself throughout the interview. Asked to comment on the $2.25 bond which was issued by the Finance Minister and his business associates, Prof Adei told joy FM super morning show host Kojo Yankson that, it was an excellent decision and Ghana will need more of such decisions to reduce the burden of debt hanging on our necks as a result of excessive borrowing by the last administration. Asked to comment on his allegation that; the vice President’s convoy is too long, he started showering praises on the Vice President instead of tackling the issue he himself had raised in the media. In 2014, Professor Adei complained about the then President’s convoy and when the media interviewed him on the issue this was what he said ” The country is broke. I met his Excellency, the President the other day and in front of him were 11 motorbikes and 15 cars moving at top speed about 120 kilometres per hour.” The good professor went on further to apply his mathematical prowess when he said “that means they consumed fuel twice the normal rate and you will be surprised may be they were going to commission a rural school. That day the amount of fuel they would consume could be used to establish another rural school”. That was professor Adei under John Mahama. This time on Joy FM, he struggled to shift the topic by showering the Vice President he had accused.

Prof Adei told the host that Nana Akufo-Addo’s style of fighting corruption is the best and strongly supported the establishment of a special prosecutor office. Insinuating, he said the establishment of that office will stop President’s from placing ministers cited for corruption, at the flagstaff house and specifically mentioned the Blackstars’s Brazil case.
I hope the good professor is aware that before Mr Mahama left office, Ghana had moved up in terms of corruption fight and was rated alongside Senegal as the best in terms of corruption fight by Transparency International. He said, President Akufo-Addo’s calm approach for fighting corruption and his request for evidence is the best approach. How different is that from Mr Mahama’s approach and in fact Mr Mahama didn’t only say that but walked his talk by prosecuting his own appointees and dismissed some just for making reckless statements that bordered on corruption. Here is a President who covered the BOST boss, failed to investigate his appointees who were accused of corruption by no less a person but a financier of his party and close friend. He had enough evidence captured on an audio tape but refused to act on it.

I was on the same committee with Prof Adei, Prof Addae Mensah, Prof Patrick Awuah, Dr Baah ( TUC boss), For Vice President Mr Amissah Arthur, at the Senchi Economic Forum and he [Prof Addei] was one person who constantly praised Former President Mahama for his humility, modesty, readiness to listen and his forthrightness. One issue he constantly touched on and made sure was inserted into the final document, was the issue about our infrastructure and how to clear the huge deficit especially in the education sector. On Joy FM this morning, he criticised the former administration for building beautiful schools in remote areas in the country. How? Nkrumah rented a house to start the Ghana National College we have, most of the colleges he built were empty, he was chastised the same but today, we need more of his schools. The Free SHS policy has increased intake in our secondary schools and we are all aware of the accommodation problem facing the headmasters and headmistresses and how the new schools built under Mr Mahama helped minimise pressure on government.

When the host Kojo Yankson, wisely raised the problems at the basic level in terms of infrastructure and logistics etc, Prof Adei said we should not put too much premium on infrastructure but rather, government must sack all teachers at the basic level and ask them to make new request to teach. He said we are having problems at the basic level because of lack of good teachers. This was Prof’s response to that clever question the young man asked him. The Centre for Democratic Development, recently did a survey on tracking public basic school infrastructure in five regions and it was revealed that poor infrastructural condition was one one of the issues government must focus on. They (CDD) mentioned lack of standard such as adequate classrooms, proper ventilation, safety floors, toilet, roofing as part of the problems to be tackled. This and other reasons informed the last administration’s progressively free education and the massive infrastructure development in the education sector.
Professor Adei, said President Mahama and his ministers are a bunch of liars. He said this in March 2014. The Akufo Addo government promised parents that he was going to introduce free SHS, and said it was going to be universalm what are we seeing? He promised will reduce price of fuel what are we seeing? What about utilities? What about crediting projects started and completed under Mahama to Kufour, the size of his government, the new four wheel vehicles, the disappointed nurses etc
The pendulum has swung, and Prof Adei and his team are left with little to do but shower praises on their friends and still throw missiles at their enemies without knowing that it would affect them.
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