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Prof Jane Naana Thrills Ghanaians Again As She Demonstrates Deep Understanding of Economic Dev’t

The Presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress, Mr John Dramani Mahama was at the residence of the National Chief Imam to introduce his running mate, Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang to the leader of the Moslem community in Ghana.

Speaking at the ceremony, Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang indicated that the NDC is determined to improve upon its previous achievements in all sectors of the economy when voted in to power in the December 7 general election.

Touching on the economy, Professor Naana Opoku Agyemang argue that the focus the NDC will not only be on the figures but the impact of the figures on the citizenry when given the mandate to lead the country again.

“We intend to improve upon our records in education and other sectors. But we know when we talk about the Economy, it is not so much about the figures although they are important. It is about the quality of human development. It is about investing in people who have confidence in themselves, who know that they can change their circumstances, who don’t wait for others to tell them what they can do or what they cannot do. So that is what our focus will be”, she said.

Speaking in the same ceremony, Mr John Mahama, the running mate the NDC also lamented about what he called excessive borrowing by the Akufo Addo government without delivering to Ghanaians a visible developmental project.

“In the 4 years that I served as president of Ghana, we borrowed GHS54billion. In three and half years, this government have borrowed more than GHS140billion. It would not have been a problem if we could see what they have done with the money. There is nothing to show for it. No roads, no hospitals, no electricity, no water. Can you imagine what I could have done with GHS140 billion? We need to rescue this nation from a government that reserves this nation’s opportunities to only a few family and friends” he stated.

Mr Mahama further opined that Ghana needs a government that will threat all Ghanaians as equal and will not say that there are real owners of Ghana, which he and his party are prepared to offer when given the nod.

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