Prof. Abbeam Of Abbeam University Fires Religious Leaders

Chairman and CEO of Abbeam Group of Companies, Prof. Abbeam Ampomah Danso has stated that many Ghanaians have failed the country in their dealings as leaders. He blamed opinion leaders in the country for pampering bribery and corruption in the country. According to him, we see corruption as a normal act in the country so we give blind eyes to the unlawful act.

In a speech at the launch of “Time With Prof. Abbeam Education Tour”, the Chancellor of Abbeam University said the fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery has demoralized entrepreneurs.

“Most of us, from head to toe are all corrupt. We cannot grow a nation on corruption. Most of men of God, fetish priests, Muslims, Nananoms and all of us have failed Ghana.

He continued that “as Ghanaians, we are supposed to rain our children from the house but these days, those kind of training are kind of leaving us so it is easy for one person to dupe his own brother.”

Briefing the press about his upcoming educational tour dubbed “Time With Prof. Abbeam Education Tour”, he said it is aimed at educating Senior High School students on corruption and its drawback. He said the tour is to help give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to the students on the negativity of bribery and corruption.

The journey to instill fear in high school students both in the private and public sector begins on November 9 to 13.

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