Prince Kojo-Hilton Transformed Black Actor To look White In The latest Play “One Million Pounds”

Ghanaian multi-talented artistic gems in Ghana’s creative art industry Prince Kojo Hilton, surprised many fans after transforming a black man into a British white man, in James Ebo Whyte latest Play titled “One Million Pounds”.

At the premiere of the play titled “One Million Pounds” one of the interesting character was the role played By Lionel Lawson as Cliff in the play, a Black Ghanaian who was make-up to look British.

Though Many Audience could not believed it that Lionel Lawson was not a white man but a Black man who has been make-up to look white, the producer of the Play Uncle EBO whyte made it known to audience who asked about the British man. And used the opportunity to acknowledge the effort of Prince Kojo Hilton.

You can click here for the pictures of the Black man turn white man in the movie.

prince 2

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