Prez Mahama responds to ‘Fake State of the nation’ address

Akufo addo

President Mahama has responded to main opposition leader Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s ongoing counter State of the Nation Address.

“I have always believed in the tremendous power that exists within every single Ghanaian: the power to influence the course of events and the power to shape the future of this great nation of ours. It is with this belief that I took office as President four years ago, and it is with this same belief that last week I delivered my State of the Nation Address.

The opposition is exercising its democratic right to criticize, which is a proof that we are living in a healthy democracy. However, it would be wrong to try to minimize our achievements and the depth of Ghana’s transformation in the last three years. For me, as President, these last three years are a story of hope– a hope shared by so many of us. This is because what we have been able to achieve so far is for all of us, and it was made possible only through the continuous participation of all of us.

The most important fact about the transformative stories I shared last week, the most fundamental truth about them is that they are not my achievements, they are our achievements!
They are Ghana’s achievements!

Step by step, we built something important, something that lays the foundation for irreversible improvements in the lives of all of us! We worked hard every day, we kept the faith, we kept moving forward – this is how we achieved all this!

Together we are changing lives, one individual at a time. These are our achievements!

This is why I will keep talking about them – because when I talk about them I am honouring each and every one of you”

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