John Mahama Will Win 2016 Election – Prophet

hosted by Paul Adom Okyere on Good Evening Ghana, the confident looking ‘Prophet’ indicated that unlike President Mahama, most of the Presidential Aspirants are double minded and try to blend the worship of God with other lesser gods in their quest to win power.

He noted that most of the aspirant serve a lesser god that goes by the name Bathsheba and but only present themselves as Christians to win the affection of our largely religious citizenry.

According to him, the fact that the President managed to win the elections on the back of just five months campaign in 2008 is testament to the fact that he is highly favoured by God.

He added that President Mahama will win the 2016 Election.

John Mahama Will Win 2016 Election – Prophet

Rebutting his claims with a similar prophesy from Prophet Owusu Bempeh which favours the Presidential Candidate of NPP, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, the host asked him why two prophesies purportedly from one God contradicted each other.

Prophet Prempeh not wanting to stir controversy indicated that though he had tremendous respect for Prophet Owusu Bempah (who he addressed as his senior), he was confident that his own prophesy will come to pass.

He called on the men of God in the country to come to the rescue of the nation as Elijah did because it would take divine intervention to rescue the country from it’s current economic woes and general hardship.

Quizzed on how to determine who a false prophet is, the Prophet left Paul Adom Okyere and Abeku Santana who was there as a co panellist surprised when he alleged that every supposed man of God who has bleached or toned his skin is not from God and therefore a false prophet.

According to him, bleaching of their skin is part of the requirement from the gods they consult.

The host enquired if Bishop Obinim is an example of such false prophet given he was known to be darker than he is now and accused of bleaching his skin but he declined commenting in the affirmative or the otherwise

He predicted that 20th September this year is a prophetic day and therefore something amazing will happen both in the physical and spiritual realm for all to see.

I have taken note of 20th September, 2016, I hope we you too? Until then, I am eagerly waiting for that bold prophet whose prophesy will swerve both the NDC and NPP and go the way of either PNC or PPP or more intriguingly Akua Donkor. That will be stunning.

What do you think?

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