Pressure mounts on High Court judge to rule against Afoko

Highly placed sources within the NPP have exposed what they say are clandestine attempts to influence the judge presiding over the suit by NPP Chairman, Paul Afoko, against his purported suspension.

With just about two days before judgment is delivered, credible sources within the inner core of the flag bearer have exposed a meeting said to have been held by the Akufo Addo camp during which persons close to the flag bearer reportedly implored him to do whatever possible, whether fair or foul, to influence the judge to rule against the NPP Chairman.

According to the highly placed sources within the party, the meeting was called following leads reportedly picked by the Akufo Addo camp that the judge is likely to rule in favour of Paul Afoko.

“At the meeting, the lead counsel for the NPP, Godfred Odame was bashed by the flag bearer for putting up a poor performance and failing to go according to their ‘game plan’. But a furious Godfred Dame fought back saying he did his best, to the point that he even provoked the NPP Chairman in a bid to make him lose his cool and incur the disfavor of the judge but to no avail.

“Godfred was livid, blurting that he had warned Akufo Addo that they had a bad case, but the intolerant flag bearer will not budge,” one source stated.

The source further said Prof Mike Ocquaye was so alarmed by the signals that the case is likely to go in Afoko’s favour that he begged the flag bearer to induce the judge to rule in their favour.

“Prof Mike Ocquaye told the meeting that an Afoko victory in court would be a big embarrassment to the flag bearer and also to him as the head of the Constitutional and Legal Committee of the party. He begged the flag bearer to influence the judge with money and also promise him a position as a Supreme Court judge if he rules in their favour and the NPP wins this year’s elections,” the source alleged.

The source stated that Akufo Addo and his men left the meeting hopeful that they would secure another victory in this case like they did in the Crabbe case at the High Court.

“There are rumours among some sections of party supporters that Akufo Addo and his people have “seen” the judge and they did same in the Crabbe case. Some people who support the flag bearer are boasting that they will win the case because the judge is on their side,” the source stated.

However, judicial sources indicate that the judge handling the Afoko case is a firm and fair judge who is not easily influenced or intimidated.

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