E.T. Mensah Campaign Team Petitions NDC ‘Hierarchy’

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, permit me (on behalf of team E T Mensah) to welcome you and express our gratitude for responding.

Seated before you are some members of the campaign team of the incumbent member of parliament (MP) Hon. E. T. Mensah also an aspirant of the 2015 NDC presidential and parliamentary primaries held in the Ningo – Prampram constituency within the Greater Accra Region to set the record straight on events and happenings before, during and after the above mentioned election under review.

To start with, an aspirant in the same elections within the above mentioned constituency by name Samuel Nartey George who claim to be a presidential staffer of which investigations have proven not to be true and cannot even provide a staff number in connection to the flag staff house begun his campaign upon picking nomination forms with fierce aggressiveness characterised with lies, verbal assault and violence.

Ladies and gentlemen, Samuel Nartey George alleged that;


“regional executives of the NDC in greater Accra including the chairman, Ade Coker are behind attempts to manipulate the nationwide membership registration process against him in favour of his opponent, hon. E.T. Mensah”


He went on to supersticiously alleged on star fm that;


“Hon. E. T. Mensah negotiated and arrived at a cost of two hundred thousand Ghana cedis (Gh ₵ 200,000) with a gang at Ashaiman to fake a robbery attack on him Hon. E. T. Mensah so as to win sympathy votes”


Samuel Nartey George further claimed at his campaign gatherings that;


“he has worked for hon. E. T. Mensah between 20012 and 2013 but has not been paid till date”


Samuel Nartey George ignorantly told the people of Ningo-Prampram that;


“Hon. E T Mensah used M.P. common funds meant for development projects in the constituency to establish a private drinking bar to further destroy the youth”


Friends from the press, gathering and processing of information with respect to the NDC nationwide membership registration was done at the branch levels by a chosen registration officer and the executives of the branch. Constituency executives only endorsed the forms. The regional executive council played a supervisory role. We have seen the display of mistrust and total disrespect by Samuel Nartey George for the regional chairman                                 ( mr. Ade Goker) and the hard earn Goodwill by him and his executive council and therefore call for necessary disciplinary actions to be applied to prevent future reocurrance.

Ladies and gentlemen, Hon. E. T. mensah as we all know Him is a gentle politician, very affable, hardworking, dedicated and a fine statesman which you and I cannot dispute the massive contributions he made and continue to offer to the development of our dear nation Ghana and can factually say that cannot and would not involve in such act of robbery fakery holding all other factors constant. Instead, Samuel Nartey George and his Team leader ( John Lartey Botchway) sent a test message to Hon. E. T. Mensah’s phone at about 1: 27 AM warning on a robbery issue when they realised we have liable information on their intended planned attack on Hon. E. T. Mensah.


Only ignorant people like Samuel Nartey George who can say that Hon. E. T. Mensah spent his share of his M.P. common fund to establish a drinking bar. This is very childish and undiscerning of a calibre like him Samuel George Nartey.


During one of Samuel George Nartey’s meetings with his team members including some constituency executives like the Secretary (Cephas Teye Kwaku)and the Organiser (Issah Adamu Vanguard), prior to the elections they agreed as follows:

  • That they would have to rig the election, but that would be done in the Ningo area in towns like Ahwiam, Nyigbenya, Lekpongunor, Dawa, Ayetepa, Someh – Kpatsremidor, Djangmaaku and Bantama.
  • That they would deploy land guards to the various polling stations in Ningo area to threaten the polling agents of Hon. E.T. Mensah.
  • That land guards would be positioned close to the ballot boxes in the Ningo area to direct and make sure that all the electorates vote for Samuel George Nartey. The land guards were ordered by Samuel George Nartey to shame and expose those

who would not vote for him.

  • That they would have to give out monies and goodies to electorates to win more votes.
  • That everybody in the Ningo area would be allowed to vote.
  • That the E.C. staff in Prampram Traditional Area would have to be bribed to disenfranchise the electorates by not looking for their names in the voters’ register to enable them vote.


However, in order to ensure peace and order on the election day the Prampram District Police Commander after he was briefed promised Hon. E.T.Mensah that he would deploy enough police officers to various polling stations in the Ningo area, but he never did so this created fear and panic at various polling stations across the constituency.


Evidently, Samuel Nartey George and his team violently attacked team E T. Mensah at various places;


Ladies and gentlemen;



Samuel Nartey George and his team led by one John Lartey Botchway (popularly known as Johny) and his father Mr. Botchway personally attacked a former women organizer of the Ningo Prampram constituency by name Rose Donkor breaking her wrist in the process of which the case have been reported to the Police at Prampram.


Samuel Nartey George branded double decker pick – up drove into campaigners and supporters of Hon. E. T. Mensah intentionally by the said John Lartey Botchway injuring five (5) people at the spot who were treated and discharged at Prampram clinic.


The information public address van of Hon. E. T. Mensah’s campaign and a vehicle of a Happy FM journalist were both vandalized seriously leaving the windscreens of both cars broken. All this complains have been given to the police officers with picture evidence.




Team E. T. Mensah suffered a bloody attack by Samuel Nartey George and his team members. They set fire so close to our rally ground upon our arrival. In the fire was dried red pepper and nock-outs, making it very difficult to breath and also communicate, Massive air pollution. They also threw pepper mixed with water (tied in polythene bags), sachet water and stones into the gathered crowd amidst chanting of abusive words/ curse and war songs. The campaign has to be called off.



Team E. T. Mensah and Michael Kwetey Tetteh alliance were verbally assaulted and stoned by the same identifiable team of Samuel Nartey George chanting warning statements like “this is small, the voting day go come” and “no Samuel Nartey George” no MP.


This and many more life threatening incidents by the same John Lartey Botchway (leader of Samuel Nartey George’s team) on three (3) of our team members i.e. Moses Kutor, Benedicta Dogbatse, Nelson Tetteh of which we have officially reported to the Ningo – Prampram district commander of police with picture/ video evidence.



The voting that was supposed to take place on the Saturday, the 21st of November, 2015 but was called off and rescheduled to Sunday, the 22nd of the November, 2015 due to the following reasons:


  1. i. Samuel George Nartey alleged that the voter register was not credible and

cannot be used for the election because the voter population on the register did not correspond to the check list used by the District Electoral Officer.

  1. The polling stations were twenty three instead of the agreed twenty two

polling stations from the National Election Directorate.

iii.        Four thousand registered voters’ names were deleted from the register from the Ningo Traditional Area

  1. He Samuel George Nartey claimed that his name was not found on the register and that the register could best be described as a ‘sakawa’ register
  2. He insisted with the District Electoral Officer, that the registers cannot be dispatched to the polling station for voting.
  3. That the register be sent back to Accra and new one be brought for the voting

vii.       When the Constituency chairman intervene to solve the problem, he

verbally assaulted the Constituency chairman (Mr. Jacob Lartey Ayin)

viii.      That he will deploy ways and means for the election not to come off on Saturday by engaging the services of land guards to intimidate the constituency chairman of elections and also cause mayhem and threats in the environment such that the police command had no choice than to advice that the election is to be rescheduled.


  1. Greater Accra Regional Director of Electoral Commission announced that

per the information received from the District electoral Officer, the voting cannot be conducted on that Saturday, the 21st of November, 2015


  1. i. On Sunday the 22nd of November, 2015 of the voting day, the electoral

officers (Regional and District) reported to the electoral office at Prampram for distribution of materials into the ballot boxes at 7:07 am

  1. Constituency Director of Elections was denied entering into the Electoral

Office before materials were distributed because he confronted the District Electoral Officer for being biased.

iii.        Dispatch of electoral materials to polling stations started by 9: 24 am from

District Electoral Office.

  1. The average time, the polling stations received voting materials was around 11: 18 am
  2. Voting started at 11: 33 am in almost all the twenty two polling stations.
  3. Unavailability of voting materials such as indelible ink, parliamentary ballot

booklets to almost all the polling stations, further delayed the start of voting at various polling stations; Afienya Zongo Polling Station. At Lakpleku D/C Primary polling station for instance, they had no parliamentary ballot booklets supplied.



  1. Observations on the Election Day:
  2. The presence of heavy Land Guards deployed on the ground by Samuel

George Nartey intimidated the voters from coming out to vote in polling stations in Prampram Traditional Area which is the strong holds of Hon. E. T. Mensah.

  1. The roads between Old Ningo and Ahwiam were blocked by Land Guards and would not allowed anybody unknown to them to use let alone get to Ahwiam polling station for any activity

iii.        There was attacked on the regional chairman, regional director of election who doubles as Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister and presidential staffer, who were on monitoring to Ahwiam D/C Polling station.

  1. The voter register was not used in checking the voters’ identities before allowing them to vote in Awhiam D/C Polling station, New Ningo, Lekpongunor and other polling stations in the Ningo Traditional Area which is the strong holds of Samuel George Nartey.
  2. Attempt by the team of monitors led by regional chairman to stop the above

activities resulted in attacked and physical assaults on the monitoring team led by the regional chairman by task force of Samuel George Nartey

  1. We have evidence of usage of known NPP members in voting at polling stations, e.g. Ahwiam, Nyigbenya, Dawa polling stations, to mention just a few.

vii.       NPP members were bussed from as far as Central Regional into the Constituency to vote and this resulted in the massive “No Vote” for the President at Ahwiam D/C polling station, for instance.

viii.      Voters numbering 8297 in total were turned away by Samuel George Nartey’s Land Guards on the voting day.


Samuel George Nartey claims as in Point one above turned out to be false when the national executive members lead by the National Deputy General Secretary subjected the claims to scrutiny. It was therefore a ploy by Samuel George Nartey just to convey the over five hundred NPP members from outside the constituency to vote, when he realised that, he could organised only one hundred by the Saturday.


  1. We have credible evidence (audio- visual) to substantiate the claims made.

Based on the above irregularities and misconducts, we are saying the elections at Ningo- prampram was fraudulence and thus recommend to the National hierarchy to take a close look at these and apply the necessary sanctions to keep the spirit of the party alive in the constituency if and only if we want to retain the Ningo Prampram Constituency as a strong hold of the party.


Please find attached copies of the footage on the happenings in some of the polling stations. (before and during the elections)


Thank You!




Paschal Apedo

Rose Donkor

Benedicta Dogbatse




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