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Presidential aspirant Marricke Kofi Gane emerges as the obvious choice of the people

Independent presidential aspirant in the upcoming elections, Mr Marricke Kofi Gane, is emerging the obvious choice of the people.

Most of the reviews are largely informed by the precision with which he delivered his alternative policy propositions, albeit being constrained by time -the 60 second rule, instead of focusing on the moribund duopoly that has thus far dragged us in the mud. This is unsurprising to those who have been following his political activities since he announced his bid to run for the office of President.

“We are leaving behind a Ghana where indigenous businesses are destroyed every time a new government comes into power; to a New Ghana where every business prospers because political vindictiveness will cease – we don’t have another 63+ years.”

Last night Mr Gane made very profound statements such as his government would move Ghana beyond aid from a slogan to reality by largely restructuring the economy. He emphasised the fact that aid must be channeled into targeted sectors.

On the issue of corruption, he reiterated the fact that adopting punitive measures deterrent enough to serve as a disincentive to those who engage in corruption is non-negotiable. He believes corruption must be tackled from the top so he would adopt a leadership by example approach.

With regards to solving the insanitary conditions in Ghana, he says filth and health are intertwined and this hinges on the absence of infrastructure hence the squalid environment we find ourselves. To solve this canker, apart from the provision of infrastructure, he will realign the current Ministry of Sanitation with either the Ministry of Health or Infrastructure. The essence of the extensive infrastructure to tackle the health hazards associated with filth is to protect the safety of the Ghanaian. He also states there is the need to monetise filth as offenders will be made to pay fines, do community service among others.

He further said he will ensure there is value for money by building a framework that ensures that for every procurement that is made there are justifications for financial purposes, commercial value for the process and the strategic nature for the process.

Mr. Gane also emphasises the necessity to “ensure that in certain aspects of our ministries, we do introduce some form of blockchains technology.”

Advancing his desire to always put Ghana first, he says Ghanaians are reluctant to pay taxes because they do not see what their taxes are used for. To overcome that hurdle, he promised to radically make the ordinary Ghanaian feel what their taxes are used for by judiciously spending on basic social amenities to make life comfortable for all – not just a few. For instance he makes the point that Ghana can gain a lot more from tax revenue if property tax collection was improved.

It is apparent Mr. Gane stands tall among his colleague aspirants as he has launched his manifesto and has undertaken research into the problems bedeviling the Ghanaian society. This was seen in his precision and cogent answers

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