President Mahama’s transformation agenda, and the politics of Obstruction”

Obstructionism is the practice of deliberately delaying or preventing a process of change and here I am linking it to politics.Generally obstruction here denotes the deliberate interference with the progress of policies by various diabolic means such as filibustering or slow walking in our parliament,and wickedly packaged lies meant to undermine activities of Government.

Through our own created conventions we have hit upon the device of the Official Opposition as means of keeping the Government of the day up to scratch and ought to have been done without sabotaging the conduct of public business.The duty of the opposition shouldn’t be mere obstruction,but like I always mention in my write-ups,but to submit the activities and proposals of Government to searching criticism,to make constructive suggestions and to put forward its own alternative policy plainly so that the general public can make up its mind about the merit of the case.

What are we seeing in our country today?It is no secret that plans are being made in right wing think tanks and some law firms,within the elephants media and among Npp leaders to bring back to life the 18th century notion that the heavenly prescribed duty of the opposition is to obstruct government business and to incite the public against the establishment.

This one common attribute of defeatism and being practically exhibited by the Npp.The President continue to receive greater publicity even within the opposition media enclave than the flagbearer of the opposition because of the perfect management he enjoys and because he is governing well and introducing people’s centered policies.The other advantage the current President has over his main contender is his ability to easily alter his Government’s image in a direction which fits in with the mood of the public.This trend was easily seen during his tour across the regions and the responses and addresses delivered by the noble chiefs.

He seem to be enjoying a built-in advantage made possible by his persona and command over the government he leads.

Otumfuo made a statement when the opposition leader visited Manhyia few days ago and unfortunately for the opposition block,effort by their leaders to misinterpret his statement was cleverly crashed by one of the ruling party’s smart communicators Sam Dzata George.Otumfuo’s delivery was clear and equivocal and I quote


Now the interpretaters should link this statement to what the Great King said on 29th of June 2016.He commended President Mahama for his various interventions towards developing the country and urged him to do more for the benefit of the country.He also commended the President for his humility and readiness to seek for wise counsel on national issues.

The King also assured the President that “You have my full blessings, as long as you remain the country’s leader,for accelerated development ”

In his speech at the 50th congregation of KNUST,the King did not mince words when he praised the President for the massive development in the area of education.Apart from these wonderful statements,practically the Government of President Mahama has provided the region with certain important projects which were meticulously enumerated by the various Chiefs he visited

1.The Military Hospital

2.The ultra-modern hospitals at Bekwai,Fomena and the various chip compounds

3.The water projects in the region

4.The New engineering schools at Pease and Kuntenase

4.The numerous E-Schools

5.The Various asphalted roads in the region

6.The Market complex at Kajetia etc

7.The ICT centres including the ultra-modern one at New Edubiase

8.Construction of classroom blocks to end schools under trees in the region

8.Health centres at Asuboa,Asonomaso etc.

I cannot mention all the projects here but the 1% mentioned is enough to give accurate interpretation to what the King cleverly said in his palace.I can say for sure based on my personal intereaction with some elders and youth in the region that,Akufo-Addo and his party have lost it and Kwaku Boafo was accurate with his report on current trend in the Region when it comes to Npp politics.

The position being expressed or espoused by people in the Ashanti Region is clear.They still love and cherish the Npp but have resolved never to entrust their destiny and that of the party in the hands of the current leadership.The other side of the coin depicts one point,John Mahama has exhibited total discipline dealing with the people.One senior officer in Manhyia called me and his point was simple” Kojo Bonsu is out,your President will continue to win hearts in Manhyia because of his perfect manners and readiness to listen”

What do you think?

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